This is a blog about sexy groupers going on a honeymoon.

The honeymoon is what scientists call a reef fish spawning aggregation, one of the most breathtaking shows in nature.

Most reef fish species aggregate at only a few sites of the reef during one or two months of the year to spawn. The spawning event is always linked to the moon cycle.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of fish (depending on the species) swim in a synchronized ballet  under a moonlit ocean.

When the moment of spawning arrives, they release the next generation of baby fish into the ocean currents.

Worldwide, 80 % of known reef fish spawning aggregations are overfished, and 20 % of them have been fished to extinction.

This blog will focus on research and conservation of reef fish spawning aggregations, specially those of large-bodied grouper fish.

Other topics on marine conservation will also be explained.